What is CAPTCHA? Why does CAPTCHA keep bugging you?

All of us have come across crazy little images that keep bugging us every time we want to download a file or register for an account. These images are called captchas.


Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford from the Carnegie Mellon University coined the term "CAPTCHA" in the year 2000.

Definition of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart"

It is a kind of challenge-response test that the user needs to solve. The server generates the test (captcha) and the user (human) needs to solve it.

It is sometimes known as reverse turing test beacuse, in a-
Turing test- A human being tests a computer
Reverse turing test - A computer tests a human !

Why you need to enter CAPTCHA

The acronym "CAPTCHA" is actually based on the word "capture" or "catch". Who is it designed to catch? It is designed to catch spammers. These are the people who create lots of email accounts and send frustrating mails to people for commercial gains.

Spammers use computer programs called bots to promote spam. Captchas can be recognized only by humans and not by bots. This is why bots fail the CAPTCHA test.

The reason why you need to enter captchas every time you either register an account on sites like gmail or yahoo or download files from certain sites, is to prove to the server that you are not a bot who is trying to spam the server with junk data.

Captchas are annoying for file downloads

Files are shared by people all around the globe, through file sharing sites like fileserve, rapidshare etc.  You may often download from such sites. But, it can be very annoying to wait and enter captchas each and every time you want to download a file or play a video. This is where you want to use a free captcha bypass service. Find out how you can bypass captchas when downloading files by clicking here, or going to the home page.

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