(J vs M) Jdownloader or Mipony? Which one is better?

Mipony is a downloader like Jdownloader. You could use either Jdownloader or Mipony based on your requirements. Both Jdownloader and Mipony are equally good and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Jdownloader is better than Mipony in certain aspects and the reverse is also true.

But, it's better to stick with jdownloader for most of your downloads. Some people consider Jdownloader to be a bit resource intensive. It needs a lot of RAM and processing power. Jdownloader is slow sometimesIn such cases, you could use Mipony as an alternative to jdownloader. Mipony is the only software which is a good enough alternative to jdownloader.

Jdownloader sometimes displays messages like "No internet connection"  or "Connection lost" when downloading from sites like filesonic, even when your internet connection is working fine. The reason for this is that, these sites constantly update themselves and the Jdownloader team needs to update the code every now and then.

So, Jdownlder will download from a particular site, say filesonic very well today and the very next day, that might not be the case. Sometimes jdownloader keeps freezing. In such cases, use Mipony. So, depending on the updates, you should use either mipony or jdownloader.

Both Jdonwloader and Mipony support a plugin from captchatrader to enter captcha automatically. After using captchatrader plugin, you will realize that all your credits will go waste in JDOWNLOADER if some error occurs when you put download links in a queue. I contacted captchatrader support regarding this. The support team said that it is difficult for them to prevent this from happening. But Mipony has a feature that allows you to set "maximum failed tries per download".
With this, your captcha credits will not all go away if a file not found or any such error occurs. So, in such cases, Mipony is better than Jdownloader.

Jdownloader   Vs   Mipony
Written in Java Not written in Java
Somewhat resource intensive Not that much resource intensive
No maximum failed tries per download option Option present


  1. Jdownloader VS Mipony.

    Which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts here!

  2. I can't agree with the idea that you should "stick with Jdownloader", nor with the claim that they're "equally good". In fact, the article goes on to explain why MiPony is considerably better:

    - JDownloader is a monstrously bloated resource hog. Try adding a lot of files, and the memory and CPU usage go through the roof. Hardly surprising really - it's java. I even had a very strange case where it ate all my disk space, inexplicably, at the rate of something like 1MB per second (apart from downloads). I couldn't work out the cause, till I closed jdownloader and all the space returned.
    MiPony is an efficient C++ app which makes far more moderate use of PC resources.
    - The captchatrader failed downloads option is absolutely basic if you're downloading a lot of files. One bad file and all your credits get chewed up by JD as it bashes its head against the wall. Certainly that always happened to me. All that time spent solving captchas for nothing.
    - JD also tends to have more problems with download services in my experience, in spite of its compulsive updating. Some services never worked. With MiPony I've had few problems.

    I tried MiPony and I've never looked back.

  3. Does JDownloader works with Fileserve and 4shared? Cause Mipony doesn't work at all.

  4. Mipony is so much better than JDownloader its arguably the biggest thing I currently the number 1 program I wish would be ported for Macs. There really aren't any decent downloaders for IOS.



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