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This tutorial will show you how to set up Jdownloader reconnect using reconnect recorder and create your own reconnection script, so that you can avoid waiting times for file hosting sites. Check the TOS of your filesharing site before you use this. This method is completly FREE. It will change your Ip address when timer appers. But you need to have a dynamic IP.

1) Go to the settings tab in Jdownloader and Click on the Reconnection button present in the Modules drop down box. Initially, the Router's IP field will be empty. You can click on the Fetch Router Ip button and within a few seconds, Jdownloader will fetch the IP address for you router. Typically, this is But, it may be different for your router. Also note that your current IP is displayed at the bottom right and you have a greyed out smiley :)

2) (This step is to check if reconnection is already set up. You can skip it)
Once you have your router's IP address, click on the Change IP button below the Showcase. If Jdownloader reconnect is not already set up, or if it is incorrectly configured, you will get an error message "Reconnect failed. Please check your reconnect settings and try a manual reconnect". Your smiley will change to a sad face :(

3) Okay, lets get down to business. If both your current Ip and the IP before Reconnection remain same, then you need to set up reconnection. There are 4 options - Live Header curl, External, Batch, CLR script. I will be demonstrating the Live Header Curl reconnection method. This is the most simple and reliable method to set up reconnection in Jdownloader.

4) Go to your Web Browser. Preferably, use Mozilla Firefox for this step. Type in in the address bar. (the ip that was fetched by Jdownloader, which may be different for you).

If you have set up a password for your router, you will be prompted to enter the password. Typically, routers have a default password or the will be blank. You can find out what it is, by going through the user manual, or by contacting the vendor. The default user name is typically admin.

5) Navigate to the admin tab in your router configuration page. Create a password if not already present. Make sure that you note down the password somewhere safe and don't loose it.
Warning: Do not mess up this stage. If you loose the password, the firmware needs to be reflashed.
Shut down the browser once this stage is complete.

6) Make sure that you are viewing this page in a browser that is not currently your default browser.
 Click the create reconnection script. Jdownloader Reconnect Recorder window will pop up. Click the start button. Jdownloader will start recording and your default browser will pop up. It will prompt you for the user name and password. Enter it.

7) Navigate to the Admin section in your Browser and/or find Reboot button.

This is how my configuration page looked. You can see the reboot button. Click the reboot button.

Reboot Page
This page allows you to reboot modem with the configuration file you wanted, simply select the configuration file and press reboot

Reboot Router
Use to Reboot Router with the listed configuration files
Reboot From

Select Reboot from last in your page and hit Reboot.

8) The DSL and Internet lights in your router will switch off. (The power and lan lights will still be on).  You will get a  desktop notification like "Local Area Connection is now Connected". Wait for a while till all the lights turn back to normal.

Once this is done, you will automatically get a script in the empty area in Jdownloader.

9) Now click the Change Ip button once more. You will get a message "Reconnected Successfully". The IP before reconnection will be different from the new IP. And you will get a smiley :)


Click the automatically reconnect button (next to clipboard button) and restart Jdownloader.

Now onwards, you will never have to wait for the timer in filesonic, fileservre, megauload etc to expire, each and every time you download a file. As soon as the file download completes and waiting time appears, Jdownloader will reconnect (modem will be restarted) and a new IP will be assigned. You downloads will continue immediately. HURRAY. ENJOY UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS.



  1. Yes, I just did this but it appears to work seamlessly. I was at least expecting a brief waiting period while it reconnected. I also thought it was going to be more complicated with Linux. Thank you!!

  2. I was wrong. The trial run must have been a fluke with the file hoster or something. There is a brief wait for reconnection. Still worth it, thanks again.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I have included this method as this is the most reliable. But, as you said, their is a brief waiting time as the modem has to reboot. Other methods for reconnection will be included soon..

    Stay tuned!

  4. Mine got stuck in the JDownloader screen on the pop up Recording Status - Saving Reconnect... and the only option is Abort. I've waited around 25 min and it does not go away. Could you please advise?

    1. Mao, the same thing happened to me. I think what I did was shut everything down, rebooted, and tried again. It worked the second time.

  5. click on fetch routers ip n all i get is "cant find your routers hostname" ........ ?

  6. You rock the jailhouse!



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