JDOWNLOADER vs IDM- Automated downloads or Speed?

Before you decide whether to use Jdownloader or Idm (Internet Download Manager) for your downloads, you need to know the difference between these two software.
Jdownloader may seem similar to download managers like Internet Download Manager (idm), download accelerator plus (dap) etc.

Jdownloader vs IDM (comparison)

Internet Download Manager is used to accelerate downloads
Jdownloader is used to automate downloads from filesharing sites (rapidshare megaupload ....)

While it is possible to download with idm from file hosting sites, it's not convenient as you have to go the particular link, wait for a specified time (for non premium users) and then download the file you want. Adding to this burden is the fact that the files are split up into multiple parts, say 300 Mb each. So, you would have to repeat this process 3 or 4 times to download a single video file.

This is where Jdownloader is of great help. You can just copy all the links of the split up files by pressing Ctrl + C. That's it. Jdownloader does the rest for you.

->It decrypts the link
->tells you whether the file is available or not
->Waits for the timer to countdown
-> Automatically enters captcha (read here)
->automatically starts download
->Merges all files into one / extracts rar file

Idm on the other hand, will not be able to do any of this.
Also, neither rapdishare or megaupload will provide full download speed for idm. Idm tries to accelerate your download and it tends to break when downloading from such sites. But jdownloader downloads smoothly. So, when downloading from one click hosters, Jdownloder is the best.

If the download site (like Mediafire) has not set a download speed limit, it's best to use idm as this will accelerate your download. When you download from sites that offer software download, such as softpedia or brothersoft, use Idm. Just shedule downloads in Idm and it will do the rest. Jdownloader is nowhere compared to the speed capabilities of idm. Idm is the favourite and fastest download manager available.

Conclusion (Jd Vs Idm)-

Rapidshare, megaupload, filesonic, fileserve, oron etc - USE JDOWNLOADER OR MIPONY

Mediafire, softpedia and other downloads - USE IDM

You tube - Idm for speed, Jdownloader for choosing video quality and download in lots. (see home page)


  1. Do you agree with me? Which one do you prefer. Please share with us.

  2. I use IDM, for more than 1 and half years and it's really cool. I'm a heavy Internet user but prefer torrents over one click hosts. Splited movies, games and most of other stuff are available via Torrent as well.
    My favorite Torrent client ? uTorrent.

  3. Everybody knows torrents are the best way to download large files..but not all files can be found in a torrent form as there are lot of factor included like 'seeders'..."no seeders no download"...this is why people download from file sharing sites...and this is where mipony and JD come into play...

  4. Love my IDM but i will try this tools some nice tools for download manager

  5. I love IDM! It's useful when someone wants to optimize the download speed.

    I have to try miponny

    I have also tried MultiGet and JDownloader.

  6. Mipony is awesome. Its very good for DL. Easy to understand. Easy to use. I get max speed when using it. I love it.

  7. Mipony is awesome. Easy to understand and use. Its very good for DL. I love it.



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