100% FREE Anti Captcha Jdownloader 2012 captchatrader plugin filesonic fileserve bypass

Is your jdownloader captcha not working?
Do you want an anti recaptcha plugin for jdownloader / jdownloader extension/ anti captcha plugin ?
Do you want to bypass jdownloader 
captcha (hotfile, fileserve, filesonic, megaupload, filefactory)? 
How to enable automatic jdownloader captcha recognition?
Are you searching for jdownloader captcha hack or workaround?

Here is your solution!  

If you ever wished captchas to just go away or be auto filled so that your files are downloaded from programs like jdownloader even when you are not there, this anti captcha plugin is exactly what you want! After following this simple step by step tutorial, you will be able to put download links on queue and get no captcha in jdownloader :)


It's foolproof and can decode even math captchas. None of the other ocr captcha methods really work nowadays. The captchas used by filesonic are impossibe even for Google's supercomputers to solve!

1) Click Here Now 
and register your account.(provide valid email.. otherwise, u cannot use this service) Register button is at the top right corner.

Please use referrer internetcaptchatrader (copy paste please)

2) Activate your account and you will get 100 credits by default.

3) Free Download the captcha Jdownloader plugin from the link below. You can also download from the downloads tab of the site, if you like.

Note: The tab has been renamed to Downloads. Previously it was called Plugins!  
Click on the link for your operating system.
Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7 | Linux | Mac | Source

You will get a zip file. Extract it. Open the folder.

The above link is for the latest version. Some users are complaining that the plugin is not working. In that case, please use this older plugin, which is working.Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7

4) Follow instructions in Readme
  •  copy captchatrader folder into C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods
  • Open with a text editor such as Notepad and insert your username and password for CaptchaTrader.
  • To test the plugin, run captchatrader.bat.
 Note: You need to have Java for captcha jdownloader plugin to work. Use the latest version of Java. Update it if you have an old version.

5) Now, you can download with jdownloader by just pasting your links and without worrying about entering captchas. The captchas will be bypassed automatically!
  Note: Kaspersky Internet Security shows a security warning for the bat file. Add to exceptions. It's not a virus. If your antivirus product blocks this bat file, jdownloader will not download.

6) If you have a dynamic IP, you can download continuously without waiting in between after the file limit. This can be done by setting up reconnection in jdownloader. If you do this, there is no limit for download. It's like having a free premium account which works for all sites like filesonic, fileserve, megaupload, filejungle, hotfile, rapidshare, 4shared, ziddu, depositfiles, oron etc.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you switch over to an internet connection that will provide you with dynamic IPs if you don't already have this facility. Usually wireless internet connections have dynamic IP addrsses.

Option 1 

7) Earn credits by solving captchas when you are free.

Option 2 

No time to earn credits?

   You can Buy Jdownloader Captchas at a very cheap rate. It's like buying  an
(the purchased captchas work with other applications too, so you need to buy captcha codes only once)

Here are the available packages.

10000 Credits       $1 + $5*    ---> 1000 captcha = $6
20000 Credits       $2 + $5*    ---> 2000 captcha = $7
50000 Credits       $5 + $5*    ---> 5000 captcha = $10
100000 Credits     $10 + $5*  ---> 10000 captcha = $15
200000 Credits     $20 + $5*  ---> 20000 captcha = $25
500000 Credits     $50 + $5*  ---> 50000 captcha = $55

The 5$ is a transaction fee. With 10 credits, one text recognition CAPTCHA will be automatically filled, and with five credits, one image recognition CAPTCHA will be automatically filled.
You can use these captchas even for custom made plugins and applications.

Buy Credits Now CHEAPLY

Note: You can buy with prepaid master card, pay pal or alert pay.

Don't have an alert pay account?  Get one now. You can easily send and receive money through email

The higher the credits you purchase, the cheaper it gets.

Comment below and get your problems solved.


  1. it didn´t work I follow the steps one by one and still ask me for the capcha... thanx anyway

  2. Please check if you have done the following-
    1)Activated your captcha trader account and have enough credits. It won't work if there are no credits in your account.

    2)Since it is asking for captchas, I guess you haven't copied the plugin to the correct directory
    In this directory, C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods

    Verify whether you have placed captchatrader folder (NOT captchatrader4jdownloader_win folder)

    3)Make sure the is edited properly

    4)click the capchatrader.bat
    You should get text in the output file. It should be same as the image

    Verify that this step is working. If this is working, it should work without any problem. If not post your comment. I will reply.

  3. Output file shows words in the image but in jdowloader the words are not enterd automatically.

  4. Please double check the solutions mentioned above.

    Which antivirus product are you using? Maybe it is blocking some features of jdownloader. This happens in Kaspersky Internet Security.

    Also let me know the operating system you are using.

    Are you sure you have downloaded the jdownloader plugin and not the others (eg:fritz load etc) and that it is for your operating system?

  5. pls help, how do you open captchatrader.bat. There is text in output file. I already put my username and pass in readme folder.

  6. Make sure you check the blog tomorrow. It will be updated with a step by step video. Hope this will solve your problem. Thanks.

  7. ok thanks man. I used your referral :)

  8. i dont have the captcha/methods in the jd folder please help!

  9. We have added a new video to help our users. Check it out!

  10. gosh! i can't find the captchatrader folder.

  11. Navigate to this path
    C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods

    The plugins tab has been renamed to downloads in the site
    Please go to

    and download the plugin.
    You will find captchatrader folder inside it.

  12. thank you so much for answering my question..however, i have another one. i can't run the captcha trader bat. i can't see the image as shown in your video after running it. so sorry..:(

  13. There should be many files named input.i-0.jpg and so on in the captchatrader folder.

    When you run captchatrader.bat, the contents of the image should appear in output.i.txt.txt

    (eg: evelofse geodesics)

    In this case, the bat file is working. If not, your firewall has blocked internet access to captchatrader.bat

    Unblock it in your antivirus product. An example has been included for Kaspersky Internet Security in the video.

  14. This is really awesome. It works guys!

  15. No, didn't work keep -10 points until i had 0 left beacause it kept posting evelofse geodesics as the answer, i have no anti virus btw so it cant be that.

  16. You will get "evelofse geodesics" as the answer when you run the bat file. It is designed to work that way.

    When you run jdownloader and download a file, a different captcha will be input. So, the contents of input.txt will change.
    Check it.

  17. Ok. I did everything as you said. but my Jdownloader folder is not in C: but in some other folder and it is still asking me captchas. I have around 450 cr so no issues and latest Java. XP Pro v2002 n SP3.

    Please help. I am getting the 'evelofse geodesics' in the output

  18. Ok. I did everything as you said. but my Jdownloader folder is not in C: but in some other drive and it is still asking me captchas. I have around 1000 cr points so thats no issues and latest Java. XP Pro v2002 n SP3.

    Please help. I am getting the 'evelofse geodesics' in the output. Some time I get both the word without space 'evelofsegeodesics'.
    Should I do something in JDownlaoder.


  19. Hello Uloveonce. Please paste the captchatrader folder in the directory you installed jdownloader. (in your case, it is not in C)

    If you run the bat file, you should get evelofse geodesics or anything similar as the output. If you do, it is working fine. If not, check the log file that is present in the same directory.

    Yours seems to be working like it should.

    Now restart jdownloader and it won't ask you for captchas anymore. If it does, contact me!

    Did I solve your problem?

  20. Uloveonce here
    I did as you said. I also tried to install the fresh instalation of Jdownloader in C drive and copied the folder there. When I run the bat file, I get the code in the output. I think Jdownloader somehow does not recognize the plugin. Also I had one more folder in the methods foder called Anticaptcha. I tried again after deleting this folder but it wont buzz and ask me for captcha. I rebooted my system. By the way I am trying to download files from FileSonic server.


  21. Hi.
    Try this plugin.

    and If you plan to register on the site, please ues this link}b!U1ogR

  22. I recently tested the plugin and found that it was not working. I have updated the link for "windows". This plugin works fine.

    I haven't tested the plugins for Linux and Mac. Let me know if you have any problems.

  23. Uloveonce here.
    the new plugin works after I installed the fresh JDownloader and updated it.

    Thank you a million times..

  24. No problem :) Check out the new post

    3) Tools and tips to solve captchas easily

  25. Uloveonce here. Does it not work for filejungle. I tried for Wupload and filesonic. it works. but it prompts for Filejungle

  26. No idea. Never heard about file jungle. Techincally, it should work if jdownloader is able to download.

  27. it does auto fill the captcha code in captcha trader?

  28. i try to run the bat file captchatrader but it deducted me 10 credits. i also get "evelofse geodesics" in my output even if i also run the jdownloader...what can i do??? pls help...thank u....

  29. when u run the bat file, you are checking whether the plugin is working or not. Since you got the output, captcha plugin is working. If you run jdownloader, you should get a new output. Download a file from any site that asks captcha. The contents of output file will change.
    Have a look at the video above.

  30. hi can u pause the jdownloader shutdwn your PC and resume it when u open your PC

  31. The answer to that depends on from which file host you are downloading. If you are downloading from sites that support resume (like filesonic and mediafire), you can pause it, shut down your pc and later continue.

    No matter when, captcha will be entered automatically.

  32. hi its me again jdownloader keeps resetting my downloads tnks.

  33. This can happen if you are downloading from a site that does not support resume feature. Also check whether you are downloading in the background with any other application. Update or reinstall jdownloader. If nothing works, you could try Mipony. It is an alternative to jdownloader. Read the post Mipony Vs Jdownloader to get a clear idea.

  34. I have unblocked the file bat in my firewalla but it doesn't run anyway

  35. The bat file itself does not run?

    If you click on the bat file, do you see a command window for a few seconds?

    Make sure that you have pasted the captchatrader folder (this contains the bat file) in C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods\

    Unblock the bat file present in this location. It could be that you unlocked the bat file that is present in some other directory (say, the location where you initially downloaded it).

    Let me know if it worked.

  36. i make all perfect and I run the .bat file , but before apears 2 text files: "catalina" and "error"

    error say: "java" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
    programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.

    please help

  37. I think that you do not have the latest version of java runtime. Please download it. The link is

    Feel free to ask me if you encounter any other problems.

  38. Hello Again,

    Is the captcha server having some issue. It was working perfet but now when I enter the captcha to earn points it gives following errors

    1.Connection lost: Response Timeout. Attempting to reconnect...
    2.Connection lost: Server Error (undefined). Attempting to reconnect

    I am worring as my accumplated points are coming to end and I need to up my points. Using IE8.

  39. Captchatrader site is undergoing maintenance nowadays. So, it might be that you tried to earn credits during this period. Try once again. This time use Google Chrome Browser.

    You can install an extension called Chrome notification so that you don't have to go to your browser each and every time. see the tools and tips page.

  40. The same problem as above here: Response Timeout / Server error. I'm using IE8 & Firefox but on both the same problem.

  41. This is what the support team said-


    Please try to clear browser cache, restart your browser or machine and try again. At the moment, there is no issue on the server side. Thank you!

    CaptchaTrader Support

  42. Hi there,

    I have a couple of questions which I hope you won't mind answering.

    Firstly, when I click on captchatrader.bat I get the following message:

    java -jar captchatrader.jar1> catalina.log2> error.log

    and so I assume that I have a firewall block. I have Windows 7 Home Premium x64, and so Windows Firewall, with Avast antivirus. I cannot see an option on Windows Firewall for allowing access to captchatrader.bat. What can/should I do?

    My second question regards captchatrader credits. I thought new members were automatically given 100 credits, but I have only the 70 credits I earned yesterday after registering.

    Thanks for your help.

  43. Hello, Florio

    1)Have you have pasted the captchatrader folder in the same directory in which you installed Jdownloader.

    2)Have you have entered your user name and password correctly in

    3) Make sure credits is not zero in your account (you did mention that you have 70 credits)

    4) Since you are using windows firewall, I don't think that it would have blocked the bat file. I think that it only blocks exe and com files and certain services.

    If you think that you have got the first two steps right, download the older plugin which I mentioned above (14th oct comment). That should work

    Your second question,
    You should have got 100 credits by default. Either captchatrader has stopped giving that, or maybe the credits got exhausted when you were trying to get the plugin to work. I'm not sure.

    Let me know if it does not work.

  44. Thanks for your reply, Captcha Bypass.

    Yes, the folder is in the correct directory, the user name and password are correctly entered (without a space after the = symbol), and I do have credits (now 128!).

    I will now try downloading the older plugin to see if I can get that one working.

    One thing I have noticed: the captchatrader folder in Jdownloader (jd/captcha/methods) does not contain an output file as indicated in the video, but there are 10 input files. Is this normal?

    In any case, I'll get back to you again after trying out the old plugin...

  45. Okay, I've downloaded the older version of the plugin.

    There is now an output.txt file, but it is empty. The captchatrader.bat file reads:
    java -jar captchatrader.jar, but I cannot 'run' the file; I can only view the content using the NFO pad.

    I have 11 input (.jpg) files; all of these contain 'evelofse geodesics' except the last one whic reads 'Moharace Act'.

    Don't know if this info is of any use, but in any case, the 'bat.file' test does not work the way it should according to your video, and I'm pretty sure that captchas will still appear when I use Jdownloader. Can you give me some advice?

  46. 11 files are normal. That is the new plugin. The video was recorded an even older version of the plugin. You are unable to run the bat file because you have associated it with NFO pad. Remove the file association by right clicking on the file and going to properties.

  47. sir i download jd downloader and i follow instruction bat when i run the bat files it runs the publisher could not be verified? what do i do now? i'm using avast antivirus and window 7 hope that you can help me thanks

  48. Make sure that you are not running the file from a network drive.
    Also see if this works

    1.Click Start–>Run and type gpedit.msc. Click OK

    2.Go to User Configuration–>Administrative Templates–>Windows Components–>Attachment Manager

    3. Add “*.bat” to the “Inclusion list for moderate risk file types” setting.

  49. I've only used this twice so far but it looks like another win. Thanks a lot for sharing this stuff.

  50. Please email me. I don't know how to use J downloader. I did copying it. tested and working but I don't know the next step to start bypassing Thank You

    1. If Jdownloader is not asking you for captcha, you have already got it to work! Download a file and check it.

    2. it only answers moharace act no other answers. How is this?

  51. how to create captcha methods?.i have that folder in my jdownloader directory..but no folder named "methods"..please help me about it!

    1. You should have a folder named methods with lot of subfolders in it. If not, please reinstall Jdownloader and try again.

  52. thanks..and 1 more thing..i cannot register to this site.many times i try with diffrent names but it always says "name already exist"?can u gve me solution about this too?

    1. There are many users to the site. Maybe all names that you are trying are already registered. Or check if you trying to register with the same email id again.

  53. How will I know that it works? my credits doesn't increase. And how to download a file?

    1. It only answers moharace act because you are running test.bat. It is just displaying the contents of the image (input.jpg).

      Just download a file from Jdownloader normally. If it doesn't prompt you for captcha, it is working. When you login to the captchatrader site, it will display the credits you have. (right next to your username). If you download a file, 10 credits will be deducted. you can check out the log at this url
      Go to earn credits tab to earn credits when you are free. Or you can buy credits.

  54. hi, i did. step by steb twice. but when i run captchatrader.bat it dosnt work. says its an error and this .. "java -jar captchatrader.jar 1> catalina.log 2> error.log" what can i do? thanks.

    1. That might be normal. If jdownloader is still asking for captcha, install the older plugin from above.

  55. Hello, this not working for me. I did everything mentioned above. I'm running on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit with Avast and Windows Firewall. I installed the latest version of Jdownloader and using old plugin.
    When I run .bat, it says: C:\Program Files\JDownloader\jd\captcha\methods\captchatrader>java -jar captchatrader.jar, input.jpg says Moharace Act, output.txt remains empty. And I can't run gpedit.msc on my comp. I check my transactions, points were deducted from my account: "moharace act" submitted from JDownloader. I try to download but Jdownloader is still asking for captcha code. I don't know what else to do. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Try deleting the captchatrader folder and pasting a freshly extracted copy.

      Did you try downloading the older plugin?
      It should work.

      If none works, try mipony.

    2. Sorry. I see that you already tried the older plugin. I have no other suggestion.
      The plugin does now work in some Windows 7 machines.

      I probably guess that it is a problem with Jdownloader, because it is not correctly implemented for the 64 bit os yet (since it depends on java).

      Your only alternative is mipony.

  56. Well, thanks a ton. It works for me! Don't have to break my head anymore:-)

  57. hi thanks it works like magic but how to add other sites to it because there are some sites can't download from like

    1. The captchatrader plugin works for all sites. If jdownloader is able to download, it will enter captcha automatically. I'm not sure whether jdownloader downlaods from letitbit. If it's not working, try mipony or other alternatives. There is a post about it. Check it out.

  58. jdownloader is able to download links but captcha trader not able to fill the captcha when i contacted the site developers they asked me to read this CaptchaTrader API
    and i couldn't understand what that for?

    1. If Jdonwloader sbmits the image to captchatrader, it will be able to decode it. But, I hear that captchatrader is not compatible with some sites because Jdownloader does not use the regular method for solving the captcha in those sites. eg: Depositfiles. I tried, but could not get the captchatrader plugin to work on Depositfiles. It might be a similar case with letitbit.

      I'm not sure if the sites themselves are not compatible with captchatrader plugin. Just try downloading from these sites with a different download manager and see what happens.

  59. thank you very much :)

  60. Thanks a lot!! :-)

  61. This is amazing blog. many thanks for the author...

    let me ask 1 thing, is jdownloader capable of auto captcha? tnx...

    1. Thanks Bryan.

      Really glad, you liked the blog.

      Answer to your question- In short, Yes. Jdownloader has an auto captcha module. But it does not work properly. You can read about it here

      If you still want to use the module, here are the optimal settings.

  62. hello i am now going to upload my printscreen picture this is the link

    1. jdownloader captcha7 March 2012 at 23:05

      Hi. I do not see any problems. That message might be normal.
      Just download from Jdownloader as usual. It won't ask u for the captcha. If it does, let me know.

      Were you able to get it to work?

  63. Hello, um I have a problem
    I installed everything correctly but when I try to run the .bat file it says "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."
    I tried the old plugin but it did the same thing
    What should I do?

    1. Hello,

      Most probably you don't have Java installed. If you have, make sure that the path variables are configured correctly.

      Here is how you can do it.
      Right click on MyComputer, then Properties. Go to advanced tab and then click on environment variables.

      A variable called JAVA_HOME should be present, with the value C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0 or something similar (based on your location and version)

      Another variable called PATH should also be present, with the value C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin

      If not add these two variable and you should be good to go.

      Let me know if it worked.


    2. Hey! thank you it helped me a lot!
      I had it installed and but i guess i needed to add that in the path variable. now it's working with cmd but says "Server returned HTTP response code: 402 for URL:"
      I had it working yesterday and in the output it wrote what was in the picture but yet jdownloader didn't seem to download anything it just showed the captcha for around 5 mins and then tried another captcha and so on until it wrote "Fatal Error" and stop trying
      so I thought I should try with the first plugin but I couldn't get past the "Server returned HTTP response code: 402 for URL:" message
      Just FYI I am using the old plugin you gave in 14th oct again.

    3. jdownloader captcha28 March 2012 at 09:59


      I'm not really sure why you are getting this error. Maybe you tried it when captchatrader was undergoing maintenance.

      To isolate the error, try this. Install Java, jdownloader and captchatrader plugin in another Operating system. Usually people have 2 operating systems.
      Or, you could install it in a virtual machine and test it.

      If the above 2 options do not work out for you, the only thing that can be done is, uninstalling all 3 software and reinstalling them.

  64. Hi,

    To thank you with the good job you've done with your blog, although I knew captchatrader before being here, I decided to register using you as my referee.

    But why I did not get the 100 credits that I should have received after having activated my account!?

    1. jdownloader captcha8 April 2012 at 07:23

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I'm not really sure why this happened. Maybe the credits got used up or it might be an error with captchatrader itself.

  65. It works amazing. Thanks very much!

  66. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your website by accident (stumbleupon).

    I have saved as a favorite for later!
    Also visit my page :: Testo 880



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