JDOWNLOADER vs IDM- Automated downloads or Speed?

Before you decide whether to use Jdownloader or Idm (Internet Download Manager) for your downloads, you need to know the difference between these two software.
Jdownloader may seem similar to download managers like Internet Download Manager (idm), download accelerator plus (dap) etc.

Jdownloader vs IDM (comparison)

Internet Download Manager is used to accelerate downloads
Jdownloader is used to automate downloads from filesharing sites (rapidshare megaupload ....)

While it is possible to download with idm from file hosting sites, it's not convenient as you have to go the particular link, wait for a specified time (for non premium users) and then download the file you want. Adding to this burden is the fact that the files are split up into multiple parts, say 300 Mb each. So, you would have to repeat this process 3 or 4 times to download a single video file.

This is where Jdownloader is of great help. You can just copy all the links of the split up files by pressing Ctrl + C. That's it. Jdownloader does the rest for you.

->It decrypts the link
->tells you whether the file is available or not
->Waits for the timer to countdown
-> Automatically enters captcha (read here)
->automatically starts download
->Merges all files into one / extracts rar file

Idm on the other hand, will not be able to do any of this.
Also, neither rapdishare or megaupload will provide full download speed for idm. Idm tries to accelerate your download and it tends to break when downloading from such sites. But jdownloader downloads smoothly. So, when downloading from one click hosters, Jdownloder is the best.

If the download site (like Mediafire) has not set a download speed limit, it's best to use idm as this will accelerate your download. When you download from sites that offer software download, such as softpedia or brothersoft, use Idm. Just shedule downloads in Idm and it will do the rest. Jdownloader is nowhere compared to the speed capabilities of idm. Idm is the favourite and fastest download manager available.

Conclusion (Jd Vs Idm)-

Rapidshare, megaupload, filesonic, fileserve, oron etc - USE JDOWNLOADER OR MIPONY

Mediafire, softpedia and other downloads - USE IDM

You tube - Idm for speed, Jdownloader for choosing video quality and download in lots. (see home page)

(J vs M) Jdownloader or Mipony? Which one is better?

Mipony is a downloader like Jdownloader. You could use either Jdownloader or Mipony based on your requirements. Both Jdownloader and Mipony are equally good and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Jdownloader is better than Mipony in certain aspects and the reverse is also true.

But, it's better to stick with jdownloader for most of your downloads. Some people consider Jdownloader to be a bit resource intensive. It needs a lot of RAM and processing power. Jdownloader is slow sometimesIn such cases, you could use Mipony as an alternative to jdownloader. Mipony is the only software which is a good enough alternative to jdownloader.

Jdownloader sometimes displays messages like "No internet connection"  or "Connection lost" when downloading from sites like filesonic, even when your internet connection is working fine. The reason for this is that, these sites constantly update themselves and the Jdownloader team needs to update the code every now and then.

So, Jdownlder will download from a particular site, say filesonic very well today and the very next day, that might not be the case. Sometimes jdownloader keeps freezing. In such cases, use Mipony. So, depending on the updates, you should use either mipony or jdownloader.

Both Jdonwloader and Mipony support a plugin from captchatrader to enter captcha automatically. After using captchatrader plugin, you will realize that all your credits will go waste in JDOWNLOADER if some error occurs when you put download links in a queue. I contacted captchatrader support regarding this. The support team said that it is difficult for them to prevent this from happening. But Mipony has a feature that allows you to set "maximum failed tries per download".
With this, your captcha credits will not all go away if a file not found or any such error occurs. So, in such cases, Mipony is better than Jdownloader.

Jdownloader   Vs   Mipony
Written in Java Not written in Java
Somewhat resource intensive Not that much resource intensive
No maximum failed tries per download option Option present

What is CAPTCHA? Why does CAPTCHA keep bugging you?

All of us have come across crazy little images that keep bugging us every time we want to download a file or register for an account. These images are called captchas.


Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford from the Carnegie Mellon University coined the term "CAPTCHA" in the year 2000.

Definition of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart"

It is a kind of challenge-response test that the user needs to solve. The server generates the test (captcha) and the user (human) needs to solve it.

It is sometimes known as reverse turing test beacuse, in a-
Turing test- A human being tests a computer
Reverse turing test - A computer tests a human !

Why you need to enter CAPTCHA

The acronym "CAPTCHA" is actually based on the word "capture" or "catch". Who is it designed to catch? It is designed to catch spammers. These are the people who create lots of email accounts and send frustrating mails to people for commercial gains.

Spammers use computer programs called bots to promote spam. Captchas can be recognized only by humans and not by bots. This is why bots fail the CAPTCHA test.

The reason why you need to enter captchas every time you either register an account on sites like gmail or yahoo or download files from certain sites, is to prove to the server that you are not a bot who is trying to spam the server with junk data.

Captchas are annoying for file downloads

Files are shared by people all around the globe, through file sharing sites like fileserve, rapidshare etc.  You may often download from such sites. But, it can be very annoying to wait and enter captchas each and every time you want to download a file or play a video. This is where you want to use a free captcha bypass service. Find out how you can bypass captchas when downloading files by clicking here, or going to the home page.

[How To] Jdownloader youtube download videos / mp3 free and easily

Jdownloader is one of the best download managers for file sharing sites like megaupload, rapidshare, filesonic etc. But, did you know that Jdownloader can also be used to download Youtube videos? You can download youtube videos very conveniently with jdownloader. This is how it is done. 

Launch Jdownloader and enable clipboard monitoring (the button is next to reconnection button)

Copy the you tube video link from your web browser address bar. The link will be in this format

Jdownloader will decrypt the link and show a list of youtube video formats and also a mp3 file. Select the youtube video format which you want depending on the size and quality required. 
If you don't want the video, but you just want to rip the mp3 from the video, just select the mp3 file.

Select the remaining youtube videos that you don't want to download and remove the links. Otherwise, just select the video required and click continue with selected packages.
 You can copy another youtube video link and jdownloader will decrypt it like before and show the videos.   Select the video that you want. Repeat this process till you have added all videos.

Start the downloads by hitting the play button. Go away for a while and come back. All the youtube videos will be downloaded. This is very useful, especially for people who download stuff at night before going to bed, so that when you wake up in the morning, all youtube videos would have been downloaded.

Now, you can play the video in your favorite media player like vlc. This not only works for youtube videos, but on other sites like google videos, vimeo etc. If the video site has implemented a captcha, you can bypass captcha. Find out how to bypass captcha for any downloads by clicking here, or by going to the home page.


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